Ibn AlBahr – Club Vista Mare, Palm Jumeriah

Club Vista Mare is one of my favourites of the newer developments in Dubai. A waterfront, promenade-like row of licensed restaurants spanning from Ethiopian cuisine to a traditional “Tap House”? What’s not to love? I’d been invited to go to Ibn AlBahr a few weeks ago, but it was one I wanted to save until the weather was better, so now that winter is upon … Continue reading Ibn AlBahr – Club Vista Mare, Palm Jumeriah

The Black Lion – H Hotel, Dubai

A colleague and I had just finished a meeting in the area, so we thought we’d swing by The Black Lion in the H Hotel (SZR) to test out their new menu. The first thing you’ll notice about the Black Lion when you walk in, is how gosh-darn smoky it is. As a non-smoker, I found it really off-putting and almost walked out, but we … Continue reading The Black Lion – H Hotel, Dubai

Izakaya – JW Marquis Marriott, Dubai

Being happily married, starting work at 7:45am, living over in JVC and being a responsible dog owner has curtailed my Ladies Night activities over the past few months. However, in understanding that my readers would probably be interested to know about some of the less-known offerings out there, I thought I’d go check out Izakaya (JW Marquis Marriott’s casual Japanese restaurant) with a good friend … Continue reading Izakaya – JW Marquis Marriott, Dubai

Arjee Bhajee – The Palm, Dubai

When I heard there was going to be a licensed, British curryhouse opening soon, I knew I had to go check it out, so I headed down to the Palm with a buddy, to see if Arjee Bhajee (oh, the hilarity!) could deliver on its promise to bring an authentic experience. It wasn’t what I was expecting inside at all. It looked quite bare, the … Continue reading Arjee Bhajee – The Palm, Dubai

Takeaway Thursdays: Smith’s – JLT, Dubai

Thursdays are the days for me where I’m least arsed to cook, so after popular (well –┬ásome)┬ádemand, I’m going to start covering a takeaway a week and hopefully give you all some new ideas about where to order from, whilst you sit home, binge-watching Ozark. First up to the chopping block is Smith’s; based out of Kitchen Nation (a multiple kitchen set-up, allowing several restaurants … Continue reading Takeaway Thursdays: Smith’s – JLT, Dubai

The Scene – Pier 7, Dubai Marina

Ahhhh, The Scene. My “local” back in the day of living in the Marina. It’s a place where I used to spent a lot of time, due to it being one of the only places in walking distance to provide craft beer, that I could sit outside in the sunshine and enjoy some homely, comfort food. The staff members and managers change more often than … Continue reading The Scene – Pier 7, Dubai Marina

Hitchki (inside Bazxar) – DIFC, Dubai

I’m reliably informed that Hitchki is currently the hottest restaurant-bar in Mumbai and being somebody with the finger on the pulse of the Dubai food scene (I’m not at all – I was just invited) I thought I’d drop by their pop-up in Bazxar after traipsing through Dubai Mall for two hours, ogling all the items in West Elm that I can’t afford to buy. … Continue reading Hitchki (inside Bazxar) – DIFC, Dubai

The Hot Dog Stand – Ibn Battuta Mall, Dubai

Ibn Battuta seems to be enjoying a bit of a revival in terms of their food offering. The recent extension has offered a new array of fast-food options, as well as the welcome addition of M&S for the Brits! On the cinema side, Nando’s has landed and with a couple of new restaurants awaiting completion, shoppers are almost spoilt for choice in one of the … Continue reading The Hot Dog Stand – Ibn Battuta Mall, Dubai

Lime Tree Cafe – Al Quoz, Dubai

Today’s action-packed review will be just like me – short, but sweet. Whilst waiting for our poor dog’s fur to be massacred by the brutes at Shampooch, the wife and I popped into the Emirate-famous, Lime Tree Cafe for a spot of breakfast in Al Quoz. Established in 2001, this home-grown concept has grown into a well-respected spot to enjoy healthy breakfasts and tasty sandwiches … Continue reading Lime Tree Cafe – Al Quoz, Dubai

Eat Well – Zabeel 1, Dubai

Food writing is terrible when you have a constant battle with your weight. Since I began a year ago, I put on 10kg in a 6 month period. When stepping foot on the scales after Christmas, I knew I needed to do something about it, so I stopped weekday drinking and sought out healthy food on a lunchtime – thankfully, I’ve managed to lose most … Continue reading Eat Well – Zabeel 1, Dubai