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Arrows & Sparrows is another one on the dog-friendly list, so a weekend tradition is forming of Chico chasing the local kitten and bothering all the other guests (in his lovable little way of course). We’ve been a few times now and it’s always been consistently strong so I thought it’d be good to give it a little write-up after being asked by their PR team.


It’s the new(ish) addition by Davron and Zee, the founders of Friends’ Avenue and is located on the edge of the business towers at the bottom of The Greens, near SZR. It’s not necessarily the prettiest outdoor area for the dog, but it does the job and they’re accommodating, providing water and such.

We sat down and browsed through the snappy, concise menu and settled with the deliciously naughty-sounding “Dave’s French Toast” and “Zee’s ‘Avacado on Toast” alongside an iced latte, a cappuccino and a couple of fresh orange juices.

The Menu!

Usually, the drinks arrive immediately but the food actually arrived before the drinks, which when notified, sent the staff scuttling back to the back to bring them through. Every time I’ve been, the food has been excellent, but sadly, on the occasion of me visiting for a review, they let themselves down slightly.

My poached egg, after explaining for a ridiculous amount of time how I wanted them cooking (see: here) came well overcooked.

20180425_072703 (1)

I immediately called for the waiter and he offered to bring me two freshly poached eggs cooked properly – unfortunately, they came back again hard-boiled. I also noticed that the “toast” was not toasted which is another pet-peeve of mine so they offered to redo the dish. Thankfully, on the third time of asking, the dish came back perfect, toast well toasted, eggs runny on the inside, whites cooked!


It’s an interesting combo – sweet potato puree with healthy seeds, pomegranate glaze and toasted garlic that really worked. The sweetness of the potato complimented the tang from the lemon in the avocado and the glaze and all the different textures made every mouthful interesting. I walloped it down once it was right and would happily order again.

My wife’s dish was like the freakshake of breakfasts:

Dave’s French Toast

Candy floss, marshmallows, chocolate sauce wonderfully-thick, crunchy french toast, fresh fruit, whipped cream. A monster. Every element worked on the plate and despite single-handedly raising your LDL levels by just looking at it, the wife found it delicious (although was nowhere near in managing to finish it!).

With good coffee and freshly squeezed juices, the hiccup with my breakfast won’t stop me from coming back again and again as they genuinely have some of the most interesting breakfasts in the Emirates.

FOOD: 13/15 – When it came properly made, it was delicious! Generous portions and a lot of thought gone into flavours and textures.
SERVICE: 8/15 – Let themselves down with getting the eggs wrong and arriving with the drinks after the food, however they rectified the situations and were apologetic.
DRINKS SELECTION: 4.5/5 – The have a good selection of coffees, juices, smoothies and teas. All you could want for breakfast.
AMBIENCE: 4.5/5 – It’s been open for a quite a while now and it was great to see how well they were doing. The inside was packed out and it’s always appreciated to make an area outside to bring the dog, especially in a dog-friendly neighbourhood like The Greens.
DESIGN: 4/5 – The outside is pretty simple and the tables are a bit wobbly but most people come to sit inside and it’s really nicely designed. It has a warm, cosy feel and I expect many nearby residents drop by very regularly for a coffee in the pleasant environment they’ve created.
VALUE: 4/5 – They’re priced on par with most cafes/restaurants offering quality breakfast (40 AED – 50 AED a course). With the excellent ingredients used, interesting recipes and generous portions I feel they’re priced very fairly in the market.

TOTAL: 38/50 – It’s unfortunate that the service on this occasion made me unable to score Arrows & Sparrows higher, as it is one of my favourite places for breakfast. Requiring three attempts to poach two eggs successfully in such a high-quality cafe is a real shame though.Out of 5 times that I’ve visited, this is the first time this as happened though, so I wouldn’t hesitate in highly recommending it and I’m sure if you do visit for the first time, it won’t be your last.

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