Takeaway Thursdays: Fuchsia Urban Thai, TECOM, Dubai

Sorry for being rubbish this week.

I completely revamped the website last weekend, broke all the images and had to patiently wait for someone who actually knows what they’re doing to fix it. Then I got iller than I’ve ever been in my life, so I haven’t been out reviewing anywhere. Thankfully, I’m over the worst of it, have a rip-roaring review of The Meat Co. from last night to write up and will now continue the new Thursday theme of takeaways!

I spoke about Fuchsia during my Benjarong review, so I thought I’d re-order again and give it a write up as I did really love it before (despite being called out by someone from Thailand saying it wasn’t at all authentic!).

One thing I love about this place is that they’re not afraid to crank up the heat – Thai Spicy is an option when ordering most dishes and although it’s still probably a level below what you’d get in Thailand. It packs a real punch; get the kitchen towel ready (and perhaps store some toilet roll in the refrigerator)!

I ordered via Deliveroo as I was absolutely starving and they’re usually super-quick; thankfully, the food arrived in a shade over 30 mins, piping hot. Because I couldn’t decide between the Pad Thai or the Cashew Chicken, I did what every self-respecting, indecisive individual would do and ordered both, keeping in mind the leftover goodness for lunch the next day **spoiler alert** there weren’t any leftovers…oops. The Cashew Chicken also comes with a portion of rice that looks small, but is actually more than sufficient.


There are two things I absolutely love about this dish. Firstly, it’s packed with flavour – the chili gives the dish a huge hit, but it’s balanced beautifully by the sweetness, umami-ness and sourness. Secondly, the textures. The snap of the cashews, the crunch of the corn, the bite of the pepper, the silky-soft chicken – it’s an absolute winner and I could quite happily eat it daily. The rice is good as well, nice and sticky with appropriate hits of jasmine.


The Pad Thai is also among the best I’ve had outside of Chaweng Beach. Again, so much texture from the succulent prawns; the fresh, raw beansprouts; the peanuts – every mouthful is engaging. Flavour-wise it’s packed with sharpness from the lime, the sweet and sour tamarind and a brow-wetting hit of spice from the Thai chilis. I know I’m coming across as a super-fanboy and it sounds like I’m being paid for this – but I’m honestly not. It’s epic.


In short, I bloody love this place and hope you try these dishes and let me know what you think (the corn fritters were absolutely crap last time I tried them though, so give them a miss!).

Delivery Areas: Most major areas due to branches in Business Bay and TECOM
Total Price: 80 AED for the dishes +Deliveroo charges & driver tip
Delivery Time: 32 mins
Methods of ordering: Deliveroo, Zomato, Direct from Restaurant
Quality of Food: 4.5/5
Portion Sizes: 4/5
Value for Money: 4/5
Would I order again? Yes!

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