The EmiRANT Pt. 2 – Milk.

I take an hour for my lunch every day and usually walk to the local coffee shop for my early afternoon caffeine fix. This usually gets me through the trials and tribulations of the afternoon. On this particular day, I needed to head into the mall nearby; I’d usually walk to the end to Caribou but was a bit short on time, so I went to Starbucks as it’s a wee bit closer.

We have a Costa Coffee, a Caribou and a couple of independent coffee shops (that aren’t too great to be honest) in the mall, so it was a little sad to see global behemoth Starbucks enter, with their superior permanent site (no kiosk for this lot) and luxuriously fitted out seated area, as whenever I walk through, Starbucks if packed and everyone else seems to be struggling.

I ordered my usual – an Americano with some hot milk on the side. They started to prepare it and I saw the girl pop out a blue box from the cupboard,

“errrrm excuse me, what’s that?” I asked

“milk, sir.”


“Haha, no it’s not. Please can I have fresh milk with my coffee.”

“We don’t serve fresh milk, sir.”


This is Starbucks. The undisputed, world’s largest coffee chain, with over 20,000 locations globally, who source the “finest quality arabica beans” and also claim to be “The World’s Most Ethical Company”. I’m sorry ladies and gentleman, but there’s nothing ethical about tainting any coffee with that horrific tasting, radioactive excuse for milk and why the hell would you go to this huge effort to source “only the best quality beans”, then absolutely demolish their flavour? It’s criminal. It’s like going to an expensive restaurant, ordering a roast dinner and it coming with watery, Bisto gravy (I don’t have anything against Bisto in all honesty, but if I’m paying 125 AED for a roast, I want proper gravy!).

Surely they must have some sort of refrigeration and surely they make enough teas and coffee in a day to comfortably not have to worry about expiry dates? It’s always rammed? If it’s a cost-saving device then every single body should just boycott them instantly because it’s absolutely inexcusable.

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Now, as I walk past every day and it’s always busy – I’m sure some of you must go there on a regular basis, so I need to know WHY?! (unless you order a coffee that doesn’t contain milk). Why do people in this country feel it’s acceptable for these guys to charge 20-30% more for their drinks and not even provide fresh milk. Answers in my Facebook comments please!

It’s not only Starbucks either. Fume in Pier 7 do an absolutely excellent breakfast and ruin it all by serving coffee with long-life (these guys have a whole bloody kitchen for cooking food, so how on Earth they don’t have any fresh milk at all is beyond me), my local cafe also tried it on one day and I instantly took it back and asked for a refund. We don’t have to put up with it! Next time some place tries it on, fight back!

I walked out of Starbucks without paying for my coffee by the way. You don’t have to put up with it either. Just say no!

‘Til next time!

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2 thoughts on “The EmiRANT Pt. 2 – Milk.

  1. Stopped drinking at Starbucks for that reason a long time ago. You always have to read the labels. Some UHT milk on our supermarket shelves is made from milk powder and stabilisers yet has lovely shots of cows grazing on lush green gras on the front of the box.

  2. I have been giggling reading this… I did this once too and hence don’t walk into Starbucks unless and until I have no other option… even the local little cafe in the Emarat pertol pump gives their coffee with fresh milk… :/

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