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In my eyes, a large gap has opened in the “quality breakfast” market since the sad demise of the Yacht Club (boo-hiss-boo, Emaar) and the decline of the once-excellent Reform Social & Grill; so after noticing a new menu launch I thought I’d see what Fumé (a restaurant that serves a damn-good Beef Rendang) could offer up.

We arrived to a little confusion as there’s a hostesses table at the entrance without a hostess in sight. We wandered in and collared a member of staff who led us to a table by the window. It was disappointingly empty inside with only ourselves and another couple dining.

Fumé has impressed me both times I’ve been, but it’s never really seen the level of buzz and excitement as say, The Scene or Cargo (that also operate in Pier 7). Perhaps it’s due to their lower-level location that lacks the outdoor area and the incredible views that the higher floors gain. The interiors are still striking though, they have a strong industrial theme going on with some great, custom-made lighting throughout. The layout could have been improved slightly, as there’s no need for diners to have backs to the marina views, flip the chairs 90 degrees guys and let everyone take the setting in!

There’s no denying the enticement of the menu, I’m usually pretty decisive when it comes to ordering but I struggled as everything sounded so appetizing. Dubai seems to have gone absolutely wacky for Lotus at the moment (those little biscuits you get served with coffee in some places).

Oh yessss

I’m not complaining as they’re awesome, so when I saw the Lotus Pancakes I was sold, sadly they didn’t have any – cue the sadface emoji. I ended up opting for the Oat-Rolled French Toast and the wife ordered the Organic Cheddar Eggs (althoug we usually split our dishes in half so we can try each and this was the case here). I do love a nice piece of fresh salmon, so I ordered it on the side as my wife hates the stuff. We also ordered a couple of coffees.


Now, I’m going to create a new section of the website called “The EmiRANTi” in the next few weeks, but I’ll touch on the first major issue I had with this place now. THEY ONLY SERVE LONG LIFE MILK. I could launch into a lengthy diatribe about how unnecessarily ridiculous this is, especially when the costs of obtaining fresh milk are so low, but we’ll save this for another day. Needless to say, I didn’t order any more coffee and didn’t finish the one served.


The French Toast landed first and in all honesty, didn’t look that impressive; it was a bit on the thin side but my lord it was good. Very, very, VERY good. The oats embellished the crunchiness of the toast and it was so soft and delicious inside – a sprinkling of cinnamon and the addition of fresh food made the dish an absolute winner. 10/10.


Unfortunately, the next dish arrived not as we ordered – the scrambled eggs came with the salmon chopped up inside, so was inedible for the wife. We sent it back with no fuss from the service team and were given a new dish a few minutes later. Again, a wonderful course – the eggs nice and soft and the cheddar came through sharply. I don’t know where they get their bread from, but it’s wonderful; fresh, herby, fantastically complimentary with the eggs.


We were getting full, but as the food was so enjoyable, we thought we’d try a couple more items off the menu. After some deliberation we gave the Arabic Breakfast (shakshouka) a go and the chocolate croissant.

Here’s comes The EmiRANT number 2….

“how would you like your poached egg cooking, sir?”

Every time I hear this question, I die a little inside. It’s an egg not a piece of steak. I want it cooked like a poached egg should be. To demonstrate what every poached egg should ever look like, here’s some porneggraphy:

I made this egg!

If you like your poached eggs cooked so they’re overdone and hard, then shame on you. Perhaps you’d be best suited to a website like this: http://www.crayola.com/free-coloring-pages/.

So after answering this abysmal question, “errm, like a poached egg should be cooked? White cooked, yolk gooey” it came to our table rawer than a lion’s cry; so we sent back our second dish of the day. It came back marginally better cooked – still under, but I couldn’t be bothered sending it back again. I wasn’t blown away by this dish, it was just lacking a bit of zing – the spices not coming through and was too rich and tomato-y. The croissant was decent though, crispy and chocolaty, as it should be.


We settled the bill and left, deep in conversation about when we should go back for more French Toast.

FOOD: 12/15 – All the food was of a very high quality. I personally wasn’t a huge fan of the Arabic Breakfast but my wife loved it.
SERVICE: 10/15 – Overall it wasn’t too bad as they were warm and fast with food orders, but getting two out of four dishes wrong isn’t great.
DRINKS SELECTION: 2/5 – Let itself down badly by ruining the coffees and black teas with long life milk. I want a good coffee with breakfast and I can’t get it here until this is fixed.
AMBIANCE: 2/5 – Was sadly very quiet which was a surprise as the offering is very strong.
DESIGN: 4/5 – A well designed restaurant, bright with great lighting.
VALUE: 4/5 – One of the best quality breakfasts around, so happy to pay the prices on offer.

TOTAL: 34/50

CONCLUSION: Excellent breakfast options, only let down by a couple of service flaws. There’s no doubting I’ll be back for the French toast and eggs, as they were both superb. I’d be more than happy to recommend this place to anyone. If you’re reading this though Fumé, pplleeaassee get some fresh milk in for your coffees!

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  1. Lool French toast with a side of salmon 🙈 and if only I had a dollar for how I want my poached eggs…..
    The other day, at Lines, one came overcooked and one under. Slow clap.

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